CDRE Preparation Webinar Course©

A unique review course, focused on the competencies and performance indicators to be assessed, recommendations for selected content related to Food, Nutrition and Dietetics for your review along with cases, scenarios and study questions to help you feel confident!


“Thanks for providing this course! It helped me stay on track, studying the material and helped me feel prepared for the exam. I think the BEST way to study for this exam is by doing other multiple choice questions. There were a lot of similar questions on the exam that were practice questions in the study material. The first time I completed the CDRE (and failed) I believe was due to my lack of multiple choice practice.  This course helped a lot — thanks!”                                                                                         


Launched in 2016 to help dietitians prepare for the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE), the CDRE Preparation Webinar Course© is updated for every sitting of the CDRE.

We hope this course will help you achieve a “pass” for the CDRE by providing practical and useful direction on specific aspects to focus on in reviewing food, nutrition and dietetics information grounded in the competencies and performance indicators to be assessed by the CDRE. This course has been developed by a Registered Dietitian with a unique skill set that includes expertise in all major areas of dietetics; entry to practice competencies for dietitians in Canada; developing Multiple Choice Questions for this and other high stakes exams; dietetic internships and practicum programs; and the regulation of health professions in province of Ontario.


A recorded webinar that provides an overview of the study modules and instructions on how to use them to prepare for the examination as well as tips on how to navigate multiple choice questions.  Each study module includes study questions/scenarios/cases to make your review more interactive.

The modules:

1: Communication, Collaboration and Education Principles
2: Professional Practice, Policies and Standards, Research, Government of Canada Resources and Jurisprudence
3: Population & Public Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
4: Management, Food Service Management and Food Service Systems
5: Food and Nutrition Science
6: Nutrition Care

All modules follow a consistent format for ease of use and once purchased you have unlimited access to everything for as long as you need the materials.

Note: Quite a number of the recommended resources are accessible through Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN) subscription. Dietitians of Canada (DC) membership is needed to access a number of the recommended Learning on Demand (LOD) resources and as well as other DC resources.



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